About us

We are a startup focused on producing organic Cannabis for medicinal purposes based in Portugal.

Our goal

Our goal is to produce organically grown cannabis with medium to high CBD values in relation to THC. As we have an indoor space of more than 3.000m2 of net production space we believe we can provide consistent high-quality products.


Our company relies on GMP, GACP and ISO certification which ensures high-quality to our customers.



Besides our organic production without pesticides, we rely on green energy suppliers to protect our future.


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Our project

We rely on 3000 square meters to produce high-quality cannabis for your needs. Our location is in Fundão, Portugal.

Our location has enough space to scale up and to attend the demands of your company. With enough land for building greenhouses, outdoor growing and indoor with a 100% controlled environment, we can produce exactly the strains and the values you are looking for.

Funcrops will focus first on having the highest quality production of medicinal cannabis.
In three years we want to start extracting the CBD oil and make other transformation ourselves.

Our initial target market will be Europe and the Americas and expand from here. We aspire to legitimize and lead the legal cannabis business from Portugal.