Medicinal Cannabis Investment Opportunity and Partnership with “Funcrops in Portugal”

Fundão, PRT. June 03, 2019 – A promising and emerging Portugal based cannabis company, Funcrops opened its doors for investors. The company has already gained swift momentum and curiosity in the European medicinal cannabis market. Moreover, Funcrops operates in the EU and is seeking an investment of up to €3 million from a reputable partner. Funcrops’ forthcoming plans also include the beginning of a crowdfunding campaign.

The owners of the Funcrops have more than a fair share of experience to understand the mechanics of the modern business world. What’s more is, that they’re not just familiar with the corporate sector but have in-depth analytical ability to cultivate standardised plants.

Since the company’s facility and processes are in accordance with GMP certification, its ambitions bound no limitations. Funcrops aims to revitalize transformational changes in the cannabis industry by having a successful go to market strategy. The contemporary target market will begin with Europe and eventually move on to the rest of the world. Funcrops wants to make Portugal the legitimate partner and leader of medicinal cannabis in Europe.

The new investment will allow Funcrops to capitalize its position and growth in the European market. Smart investors will understand the endless possibilities that lie in the medicinal cannabis niche and know exactly when to dive in. Apart from international expansion, Funcrops is built on the foundation to reach a new horizon in the cannabis industry.

Investors might want to inquire regarding the added values and concentrated quality that Funcrops procured over its brief time of existence. Funcrops operates in accordance with GMP certification, which ensures premium quality to customers. Funcrops have an indoor state-of-the-art space facility, Funcrops has more than enough net capacity to produce consistent quality cannabis products and is aiming to grow high THC, high CBD and blended strains. The company is optimistic about filling the growing opportunities and expecting to start operations by Oct 2019.

Funcrops is an emerging medical cannabis company based in Portugal. The company is flexible and solely functions to meet the specific needs of customers. For more information, send an email to regarding any questions about production quantity, certification, license, or for general inquiry.

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