Global Health and the Benefits of Medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis is a drug made from any of the parts of the plants from the Cannabis group that is used to treat a medical condition or symptoms of a disease
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Medicinal Cannabis and it’s Benefits

Cannabis sativa is a plant like any other, it is biologically and chemically constituted by a series of substances that may or may not interact with the human organism.

What most frightens people is the interactions with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the substance that causes a sense of well-being, is an antidepressant, stimulant, and therefore has effects that we call psychotropic.
But they are not the only ones, there are other effects of THC that are not at the brain level, I am referring to neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, in which THC decreases one of the symptoms, – muscle stiffness. It may also benefit people with cancer who are taking treatments or those with HIV. These patients suffer from lack of appetite and this substance will have an impact at that level

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Global Health

Due to the ever-expanding growth for the market of medicinal cannabis, several governments have been changing or approving legislation to increase access for more patients.

Europe is one of the bigger leads in legalizing medicinal cannabis. It is estimated for Europe to reach €55.2b in market value by 2028 for medicinal cannabis and €115.7bl in total cannabis market value.

Even though cannabis is still very underappreciated, it has been proven that it helps greatly in the treatment of various ailments, but it still needs to be fully researched.

As society grows, their mindset evolves, as seen with the immense growth of medicinal cannabis.